A model industry fair

IF Moda Expo; International Fashion, Ready-to-Wear and Accessories Virtual Fair, under the umbrella of MHGF; It brings together manufacturers, brands and supply companies as well as producers and buyers with its wide product range.
Complementing the infrastructure of the state-supported e-export platform globalpiyasa.com with its professional staff and deep experience, IF Moda Expo Fair is preparing to provide an unforgettable experience to its participants and visitors.

Digital world digital goals

In this period when global trade grows even more with digitalization, IF Moda Expo brings global buyers together with participating companies, while bringing a different breath to digital trade with the latest products, fashion trends, different design examples, current collaborations, B2B meetings, seminars, fashion shows.

Colorful world of commercialization

Enjoy the pleasure of going on another adventure in the colorful world of fashion with its infrastructure that provides ease of switching  from product to company or from company to product, its system that offers translation in 7 languages, and its easy-to-use filtering engine.

B2B Digital Virtual Fair

Globally; Although we are living n times  that limit both economic and daily life, we remove the travel barriers with B2B meetings, and we deliver our products to you in the comfort and warmth of a physical fair with our videos and images.

From the block to the hall ... From the hall to the stand ... From the stand to the product

IF Moda Expo brings together the profiles, products and images of our exhibitors with your demands and offers.
It offers an infrastructure suitable for the concept of speed of our age  with rapid access from block to hall, from hall to stand, from stand to product. For an experience that you will experience with ease , you can login from our tabs.